North Rocks Fees

    Consultation Fee Schedule
    Standard consultation

    1 health issue

    Monday – Saturday $69.75
    (minus *rebate $39.75 = $30 out of pocket)
    Long consultation

    1 complex issue or 2-3 short issues

    Monday – Saturday Fee $121.95
    (minus *rebate $76.95 = $45 out of pocket)
    Extensive consultation

    (>40mins) for long complicated issue

    Monday – Saturday Fee $173.30
    (minus *rebate $113.30 = $60 out of pocket)
    Telehealth consult

    1 health issue*

    Monday – Saturday Fee $69.75
    (minus *rebate $39.75 = $30 out of pocket)

    We will continue to bulk bill the following patient: Children 15years and under, Pensioner, DVA, Health Concession Card Holders, childhood immunisations, flu vaccinations, Covid vaccinations and care plans.

    Please note fees apply for other item numbers such as implanon insertion / replacement / removal, skin procedure or iron infusion.

    After your appointment you will be required to pay the TOTAL FEE and we will claim your Medicare rebate at time of processing. You can receive your Medicare rebate immediately if you using a physical debit card+PIN. Credit cards will take 2-3 days to process refund from medicare.

    * Non-Attendance Fee of $30 is payable if a patient does not attend their appointment or if the appointment is cancelled with less than four hours notice. –You will not be able to make further appointments if the fee is not paid.